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Together We Can Do Better

About Us

The Planning Enforcement Officers Association has been formed from a vast network of members in various municipalities all across Victoria actively involved in planning enforcement and come from all fields of life, including metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The PEOA was originally formed in July 2000 and has since grown from into the organisation we know today, with current membership in excess of 200 members, reflecting the commitment to the organisation and the value it represents.

The Association is driven by a need to assist members in both urban and rural areas to acquire and share information so as to deal with the multitude of planning issues we face day to day.

Members are primarily officers employed by local councils or associated professions who are committed to providing quality public service in performing their statutory duties.


Our Purpose

Through the Association’s established network we aim to:

  • Promote the communication and the exchange of knowledge, skills, and ideas between Planning Enforcement Officers across the State of Victoria.
  • Seek to educate and improve the profile of Planning Enforcement Officers across the State of Victoria.
  • Encourage a standardised approach to planning enforcement across the State of Victoria.
  • Raise the profile of our industry and engage with our peers and other government enforcement agencies.
  • Advocate on behalf of members any State policy or legislative changes that may benefit Planning Enforcement Officers across the State of Victoria in undertaking their duties.
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Target Audience
  • Planning Enforcement and Compliance Officers
  • Planners
  • Other related Local Government Officers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Various consultants in planning related fields including acoustics, geotechnical, fire safety and mechanical engineers to name just a few
Our Specialties
  • Planning compliance law and enforcement